Self Improvement and Continuous Learning

It’s Sunday and for me that means a day of rest and trying to reset and prepare for the week ahead.

What do I mean by reset? I mean relax and think over things that happened last week “accomplishments and failures” and try to determine what I liked and what I want to change. This does not mean dwelling on things, but just putting some thought into them so that I can continuously become the best person I can and who God has called me to be.

Next, it means to set my next set of goals. Things I’d like to work on. Some of these goals will be short term attainable goals and some of them will be more long term.

It’s stated in the bible in Isaiah 64:8 we are clay in God’s hands. “Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.

This means we’re a constant work in progress. We are not finished yet. Not until the Lord says so, and he determines our steps.

According to Proverbs 16:9 “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.

There are two main things I do for work and I also have many other interests and hobbies. Number one I’m a full time IT employee for a national bank and number two I’m a real estate agent. When I’m not working at the bank I help clients buy, sell and invest in real estate.

Some of my other interests and hobbies include domain name investing, web development and cryptocurrency.

  • I can’t list everything I’m into or this post would never end, so I listed some of the main things ūüôā

Some things I’ve been working on:

In the field of IT things are always changing so it’s important to keep learning. I’ve been taking classes online since about 2013 with platforms like, and Microsoft Virtual Academy. I’ve taken a wide variety of courses across numerous and different skill sets and will continue doing so. Some of the most recent courses I’ve taken are:

  • Data Analytics at Microsoft
  • Deploy Virtual Machines in the Cloud: Part 1
  • Deploy Virtual Machines in the Cloud: Part 2
  • Xamarin for Beginners
Deploy Virtual Machines in the Cloud: Part 1

Deploy Virtual Machines in the Cloud: Part 1

Deploy Virtual Machines in the Cloud: Part 2

Deploy Virtual Machines in the Cloud: Part 2

Xamarin for Absolute Beginners

Xamarin for Absolute Beginners

I’ve also been learning about blockchain which has been a big interest for me lately.

Real Estate Education: My Real Estate license will be up for renewal in February of 2018, so I’ll have to take some continuing education classes to renew and stay up to date. I’ve held a Texas Real Estate License now since 2007.

Domain Portfolio Downsizing and Consolidation:

GoDaddy Domain Portfolio

GoDaddy Domain Portfolio

I’ve been buying, selling, investing in and developing domain names since 2011. This time last year I had over 250 domain names in my portfolio which felt nice from the perspective of, owning a lot of domain names, but what wasn’t so great was the yearly renewals. Renewals range anywhere from $8.99 for .com domains – $71 for some of my more premium names. After making the decision last year that I would downsize my portfolio and keep only my best and favorite names, as of today I’ve gotten my portfolio down to 126 domains as shown in the image above. This has helped me save on yearly renewals and cut out any fat from my portfolio. My goal in the next few months is to get the amount of names I own down to 75 keeping only the best.

Some things I did this week I’m happy about:

  • Ran 9 miles: 5 miles on Wednesday and another 4 miles on Saturday.
  • Gave away two domain names that were sitting in my portfolio:
    • I have given away more than 30 plus domain names over the last year to people after putting up a FREE: to the first person who claims this domain name I will push it to your GoDaddy account post. I know some people may not see why I would give a name away, but to me honestly if I was going to let it drop anyway, why not give it to someone who can potentially develop it or put the time in to sell it themselves and make some money. To me it’s another form of philanthropy or giving.

Something I’ve accomplished in the last few months I feel is a direct correlation to my giving away of other domains

  • Sold a domain Name:
    • I sold the domain name for $2,500 after receiving an inbound sales inquiry from the sales platform back in August. The sale closed on 9-03-2017. You can see a record of the sale here.
    • It’s not that I don’t believe that this domain would have sold without me giving away other domains, but I see it as part of the “you get what you give” process.

In closing I’ll share an image that stood out to me this week on Facebook that I shared from a page called “Lack is an Illusion” “Life is an Echo”


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